This guide will show you how to make a profit on the internet using the popular website creation tool This guide is written by Jim Westergren, the creator of

In essence it is about creating and selling websites using an unbranded version of

What is and why is it so good?

It is a flexible website system for creating professional websites. More than 40 000 websites has been created so far and more than 100 new are made each day.

I am now offering you to use the same system for building and selling websites.


You can login here with the password password123.
"Company name" will be replaced with your details.

Here are a few of the 200+ websites built and sold with the unbranded version of

Other examples of websites with can be seen here:

Few of the more recent live examples of white label websites:

Learn and build a website

Before you can begin build websites for clients you have to learn by building at least one for yourself.

Use the form below to get 2 weeks of free premium:

Make your own free website

It is important that you know the system because your clients will ask you for support for their website. will not provide support directly to your clients. But you can turn to for support.

Register an account

Register an account on this link. This is important.

For "Company name or display name" write your company name. If you don't have a company then write your website name where you offer your services. And if you don't have such a website then just write your name here. Don't leave it empty.

Difference between premium and unbranded

Unbranded is the same as premium but with the major difference that it is permanent and that all references to is removed. We will also never contact the owners of these websites with for example the newsletter.

Pages removed which you instead can reach from here


If you have paid for more than 5 unbranded I can then give you every second free. If you then have paid for more than 20, contact me for a better price.

I recommend that you have for your price to the client between $500-$1500 USD per website. It really depends what you are offering.

You can send invoices using Paypal. For example the first half up front and the second half when completed. For Swedish people that don't yet have a company registered I recommend Frilans finans for sending legal invoices, even if you are not yet 18 years old. If you use Frilans finans make sure you deduct the cost for the unbranded, see question 14 in their FAQ.

Consider using a partner

Before you start your steps to make good money on this consider finding a partner or friend so that you can do it together. This way it will be easier for you both.

Connecting a real domain and installing email

Follow the steps on this page to connect a real domain. It is also important that your client is actually the real owner of the domain name. Consider using a reseller account for domain names.

As for email, provides either forward or installation of Google Apps. Follow the steps on this page.

Why not use WordPress or Joomla which is free?

Comments and support

If you need support you need to have premium for your website, contact me on this page.


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